Saturday, July 5, 2008

Domo, sketchbook swapping and more very useful gifts from Daz...

Daz bought me a couple of badges last week with a cute monster character called Domo on them. I typed his name into google to find out a bit more about him and it turns out he is the star of his own stop-motion TV series, look:
He's a brown plush monster with a big mouth who sweats a lot, and he apparently started off life as a Japanese TV station mascot appearing in animated channel idents, and now he has his own show in the US on Nickelodeon. Anyway, I think he's rather endearing.

Other news:
John Hankins (castlegardener), the animator who sent me the samurai puppet has had an inspired idea for an international sketchbook swap which I am excited to be taking part in. Basically 10 animators from around the world buy a sketchbook each. You do five drawings then mail your sketchbook to the next person in the circle, who does five more sketches, then mails it on again and so on... Several months later each artist gets their own sketchbook back, filled with sketches by every artist taking part. I am between Nofby (Newcastle, UK) who sends the sketchbooks to me, and Emmyymme (Winnipeg, Canada) who I post the books on to. I think it's going to be a really interesting and hopefully it will be the first of many more sketchbook swaps.

I mentioned in a previous post about my boyfriend always surprising me with unusual yet very useful gifts. Well last week he excelled himself by coming back from a work trip to the big trade wholesale store with two packs of superfine white milliput (the stuff that's usually most expensive) and a pint bottle of Copydex (liquid latex). What more could a woman ask for? :)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to decode all the secret meanings in the symbols in your sketchbook.
For all the people that don't know Ceri's other hangout, it is . She is some what of a folk hero over there. We all laugh and giggle at her little films even though we have no idea what she is really saying.

Woolly Monster said...

There is no code, seriously!

Folk hero? Thankyou but surely that usually involves far more wizarding and dragon slaying type activity, which is surely more your territory John :) And I'll have you know I am perfectly comprehensible (if you live within 50 miles of Bolton)...

Edwound Wisent said...

(^... heh heh.heh heh..
(^ you said milliput!

(^ by golly and goshers i haven't seen that name pop up since it was a secret building componant of landmark entertainment where I was working on a huge 1/1ooth scale modle of Harmonyland: a subsection of oita village ( disneylike theme park in japan)

how much the white cost you? i mean yer friend?
)^ I only ever saw it in lime green ( used for grass and mossy patch fixes)

(^ also note.
(^ FOLK herosHOWs
(^ are not the same
(^ as NOble HEROshOTs.

(^ it takes kindness and
(^ humility to pull off
(^ what you do.

(^ too, (mr Hankins)

(^ I'll forever be too bomblatstickled to stand still for the puffed up ones.

(^ ps on that miliput....
(^ and wash up your hands with a scrubber like a serged on surgeon after smearing that stuff round with naked fingers!

(^ same goes with wax solvents.

(^ and get your boyfriend to hand feed you morsels while you work so you don't contaminate your pallets! either the one for the job OR the one made up of tongue in cheekiness!

(^.. plus .. might be a fun way to keep him in focus

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ woopsies. over and outboardered motormouth zipping it .