Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a busy busy monster

Today is mine and Daz's anniversary! Four years since we got together, one year since we got engaged. We will be doing something special at the weekend, but for tonight we are celebrating with a Chinese takeaway and a DVD.

I am absolutely exhausted at the moment because I did a half hour long talk about Asperger's Syndrome to a room of 30 psychiatrists this afternoon. I loathe public speaking, so I feel like I've just finished sitting an 8 hour exam. Urgh. Still, if it helps other folk then it's worth it, plus I get a bit of cash for doing it which I can spend on exciting stuff like a hood for my camcorder and more set building materials.

Exciting news: A Canadian monster called Sebastian has arrived in the post! He is my prize for getting third place in the TAIS Monsterjam. He is handmade, fleecy and has huge pants. He has now taken up residence on our sofa. His label says he has been going through bit of a melodramatic phase - for the past few years. He didn't seem too happy about spending a week in a box, but he has settled in well, although Daz is a little jealous of all the attention Sebastian is getting. Below is a terrible photo of me (yes, I did cut my own hair...), with Sebastian looking rather startled.

On the animation front, I am collaborating with a friend of mine, Steeeeee, sorry, Steven Hutchinson for my next animation. He is a writer, film director, musician, cameraman, film producer, occasional actor and lover of all things creative who is going to write a script and do some voice work for me. Then I'm going to animate it and we will enter it to a Bristol based short film festival and the Bacup film festival which Steee helps organise.

Next job: make a Halfland sea-creature for Shelley Noble....


Shelley Noble said...

Hooray for Ceri! Can't wait. You know I have a feeling that your comments on my blog are getting spam filtered as I never get them in my email for some reason.

To that end, are there any further questions about said sea-creature!!!!???

So excited!

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't YOU sweet!

Email sent.

Oh, and if you ever need any help with knowing how to animate something, let me know!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ heh. remember us when you start realizing how much money you saved by not going to college, alright?

(^ you don't need it.
(^ youhad starquality fromthe getgo.

still like to see a sameri drinking tea cerimony tho.. :grumble rumble^))

Woolly Monster said...

I'm still thinking of doing a masters degree in animation. I recently inherited exactly enough money to fund one, and it means I get to spend 18 months on my own animation project using professional equipment.
I might never have the time or cash to do it later - and I'll only regret it if I don't. Plus having an MA means that in the far future I can lecture at universities when animation work is thin on the ground.

Woolly Monster said...

Oh, and thanks for the 'star quality' comment Brian, it's very encouraging.
And hopefully you will be seeing the samurai getting drunk on saki and fighting with a tree as part of the soundbite animation challenge.
She will also be involved in more sensible animations in future, I assure you :)

Anonymous said...

hey exactly are you doing your lip sync? how are you breaking the words down to mouth shapes and how are matching them to the soundtrack?...Since now you sent me a puppet that needs lip sync...