Monday, June 30, 2008

Woohoo woohoo, I won a monster!

My grim guesthouse short (the monster under the bed animation) won third prize in the Toronto Animated Image Society monsterjam competition! I have no idea why the judges picked me - I am sure there were lots and lots of animations that were better than mine, Grant's included - but nevertheless I came third.... despite the fact I've never even been to Canada!

I won a Monster Factory handmade plush monster toy, which is very exciting too, especially as they are one of the companies that inspired me to start making my own woolly monsters, long before I even thought about trying to animate them. Rather fitting prize really. I am eagerly awaiting my parcel from Canada containing something cute and monstrous...


Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations, Ceri! woo hoo!

Grant's Animation said...

Soon you'll see them all when they're posted on youtube but yours was very sweet and conveyed that very well in 10 seconds. And you're other one got good laughs.

Wow, talk about fate winning Monster factory plush toy. Kinda spooky.

Miss Shine said...


Edwound Wisent said...

(^ funny how thINKgs swirl and change when mixing oil and vinegar
with water and charcoal.

(^ glad you got ` noviced `.
(^ i meander
"noticed novice with far too much pluck and spirit to ignore."

((^ hETCell! consentERRnation!

(^I've gone as far as signing up
(^ for a blogger acct
(^ just to sway that 2/4/U.

(^ and that should be noted.

Woolly Monster said...

Thanks everyone!

And it is duly noted Mr. Prosser :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Woolly. It is pretty hard to tell a story in a few seconds. It seems you really pulled it off.