Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walter Gloom

Head over to the Walter Gloom blog or to my flickr album to see more photos my newest puppet, Walter Gloom. Puppet designed by James Geard.


jriggity said...

Wooo Hooo!!!

awesome looking puppet.


Rich Johnson. said...

and there he is! ha! nicely done!

mycael™ said...

Good Lord...

The waiting paid more than off - just thinking of seeing this ones move...

Ceri - this is far beyond.

I just love the knuckles. The characters are well designed, but you added something that is hard for me to wrap in words.

The arch between Wooly Monsters and the world they inhibit and Walter & Edna's world is something many physicists wouldn't expect in their wildest dreams I guess.
Yes, Walter and Edna meeting a Wooly Monster would be something - but how should I say it: where are the many steps between this two worlds.

Terry Pratchett once characterized "Bel-Shamaroth, Devourer of Souls" as the other side of the coin - if Good and Evil make one side. This is the closes I can get in putting you pieces of work in relation. Nothing about good or evil about you work; but there is the furthest step one made as far as I know.

I have seen pieces of work from people, that do 'different' stuff too, but this is more than 'different'. This is incredible. Edna solidly rocked. But Walter just blews the fuse.


alexjackson1976gmail said...

Magnificent! Your masterpiece is highly appreciable. I think your talent is extraordinary only few knows doing puppets. I like it! Extreme NO