Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Check out Edna!

My new puppet:


Full details and more photos on the Watler Gloom blog:


Shelley Noble said...

Wha?! Hellloooooo, Edna! You rock!

michael said...

as posted in other places - but it must be shouted out here again:

Edna solidly rocks. AMAZING !!!

I always admired you for your incredible wooly monster creations, but Edna is really something completely different - very different.
The wooly monsters are what they are - incredible cute and nice and adorable and sweet and hilarious.

Edna is something else. A strong character.

jriggity said...

excelent puppet!!


Eli said...


Alex said...

wow! Pretty awesome puppet!

Anonymous said...

now all she needs to do is
build muscle fast

Jeff Lafferty said...

Very cool!