Friday, March 21, 2008

I splurged on a camcorder...

I bought a camcorder today. It was a bit more expensive than I'd been planning to pay, but I can justify it to myself, I think. I'd been looking at new entry-level Panasonic Mini DV camcorders, because they are cheap but come with manual focus, exposure and white balance. The problem is, they will only ever give pictures that look like they've been shot on a budget camcorder.

Anyway, I found a reconditioned Panasonic DVD camcorder on ebay. It's a few years old, but instead of being a budget camcorder it's a higher-end home camcorder and has far better picture resolution and 3CCD (which apparently is a good thing). It was £30 more than a new entry level Panasonic, but it should last me a lot longer because I won't have to upgrade it as soon.

It arrives (along with a tripod) on Tuesday. Very exciting!

I also hope to try and shoot two more classroom based monologue animations over Easter weekend, this time with basic armatures, and.... wait for this.... MOVING ARMS!

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