Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woolly Logic T-Shirts

Last week I did a couple of digital doodles in the style of printed circuit boards, posted them on facebook and it turned out that people liked them enough to want them printed on t-shirts. If you too want a PCB robot or skeleton emblazoned across your chest, then you can buy one in my Spreadshirt shop, Woolly Logic here:


Shelley Noble said...

Super clever.Super cute, Ceri! GREAT design concept and execution! GOGOGO!

a guy in a gorilla suit said...

super-duper-circuit-bending-freaking-cool t-shirt motives !

Bringing out the spirit of wooly monster land, wear it close to your heart. Ordering...

jriggity said...

Nice work.


Kenneth Sipel said...

What Shelley said!

amberdixie17 said...

Yeah, it's great! Congratulations! Keep posting! interior painting ideas

Unknown said...

Great news! So glad that a lot of people liked your designs. I love those digital doodles. Keep up the awesome work!

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ericsteeves1980gmail said...

So cool! I absolutely like the idea of creating those logical designs. I would like to have that same shirt. I really like it! auto blog samurai

alexjackson1976gmail said...

That's truly wonderful! How much would it cost for one shirt printing? I really like it to be printed in my t-shirt. Extreme NO

Unknown said...

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El Taufan said...

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Don Carlson said...

Hi Ceri,

It's literally been... years. I want to apologize for that argument we had that caused us not to be friends anymore in 2013. It wasn't known at the time, but I was actually dying from iron anemia due to my stomach illness and it caused something similar to dementia. At the time, I was also around a very toxic male element that influenced my attitude toward women's rights.

After going to the emergency room and getting a blood transfusion, I moved in with a feminist and learned firsthand the very issues I was being unintentionally callous about. Now, three years later I have a completely different point of view and am very sorry for the way I acted.

Hope you are well, and feel free to say hi sometime. Also, thanks again for the clay.