Monday, May 18, 2009

More random props...

Just some more assorted props I've made for the international stop-motion co-op project. The measurements on the set-square are in inches.

Here is some tiny crocheted stuff. The blanket, pillow and cushion were made with a 1mm hook, the doily in the second photo was made with a 0.6mm hook. They took nearly as long to make as they would have done if they were full size because they contain almost the same number of stitches!

Here are a couple of rather contemporary looking stools I made. The seat cushions are hand crocheted and the bases are just frosted glass jars turned upside down:

Here is a tea-set. It's a bit too small for the scale of the rest of the set, so maybe it's an espresso set. I just used a 'Disney fairies' doll's china tea-set from the pound-shop, peeled off the fairy stickers and drew flowers on with Sharpie markers. I sealed the surface using an acrylic based varnish:

I also made a bowl of 'monster fruits' using a little glass sauce-dish and an assortment of glass and wooden beads with green neoprene stalks:

I'm off to London on Wednesday for 6 days, for a marathon of museum and art gallery visiting, and also to meet up with James Geard, director of 'Walter Gloom', to talk about film stuff.
I won't have any internet access, so I apologise in advance for not replying to any emails for a while.


jriggity said...

cool and Have FUN!!


people in gorillasuits said...

Such nice colours on the 'woolly monster' palette. Great stuff -as always :)

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ i ewas beginning to think you'd stopped knitting and stitching thinkthings in yOUR alltogethernesses.

(6 i sort of became quite bummed when the sketchbook experiment petered out with my book never quite reaching it's actual goal of a destination: namely you and or Seamus.

(^lost in sweden: more like than not in a dumpster somewhere from a quick moving to new location:

(^ glad you are still at it.

(^ I, meanwhile , spend more time studying virtual worlds with my daughter : gardening: sometimes talent scouting in secondlife.

(^ not sure why really.

(^ i guess to take the edge off holding hospice hands long distance.