Saturday, March 7, 2009

A year of stop-motion and a new camera to celebrate!

I have been adventuring in the art form that is stop-motion animation for about a year now, so I've just treated myself to a factory refurbished Panasonic Lumix FZ50! Oooooh, shiny....
I can't shoot any animation with it at the moment because I'm waiting for an AV capture card for my laptop to turn up, but I am going to use it to take some photos of my industrial set and puppets later on. I'm also waiting for a full set of lens filters to turn up for it, so I can have some fun experimenting with those.

Twelve months ago, I'd been obsessively researching stop-motion 12 hours a day for a couple of weeks. I'd signed up to SMA, I'd ordered a webcam, but I hadn't yet pushed a puppet (that happened for the first time on the 17th March).

Anyway, I don't think it is an understatement to say that stop-motion has changed my life (sounds rather melodramatic, but it's true).
If you'd have told me 2 years ago that in 2009 I'd be alive, happy and relatively stable, I would never have believed you. I wouldn't have been able to even imagine that I could make a stop-motion animation. The idea of me actually thinking about a 'career' of any kind would have been laughable.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say, in a long-winded and inept way is thankyou to everyone who has encouraged me, given me advice and helped me build my confidence over the last year:

Everyone on SMA and everyone who has commented on my blog or my youtube channel - thankyou so much. Seriously, without all of you I'd have never even got started, let alone had the confidence and motivation to keep on animating.

Thanks to my partner Daz and my parents who have encouraged me and supported me completely during my stop-motion adventure.

Thanks also to Dr. Pradip Patel for teaching me that the only way I was going to learn to cope with the world was to accept my difficulties and focus on my strengths, and also for telling me that my brain isn't broken, it's unique.

When I started this adventure, I set myself a target of being able to produce professional standard stop-motion animation within a year. I never expected to reach the target, it was just something to aim for and keep me focused. 'Professional' does cover a wide spectrum, and I still have many years of work before I reach the standards of Nick Hilligoss and Ron Cole, but if we define 'professional' as whether people are willing to pay me to animate, then I have succeeded in my mission!

Thanks again everyone :)

EDIT: Thankyou also to my late grandmother Edna who left me the money with which I bought my new camera. She never got to see any of my animations, but I think she would approve. Thanks Grandma!


Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations, Ceri. For all the wonderful things in that post. Wishing you well in all ways.

people in gorillasuits said...

Happy Blog Birthday Thingee !!! Whooo ! Your blog and your films and your contributions and everything and all was, still is, and surely will always be a huge inspiration for me.
And again: Happy Blog Birthday Celebration Thingee ! Wa-hoooo !!!
This world is in a very bad need for woolly monsters.... Thanks for all the nice entries and everything else. And Happy Birthday.

shine said...


emmyymme said...

I can't believe you've only been animating a year! Congrats on the anniversary and the new camera!!

rich johnson said...

sweet! congrats on the camera! I love your films. keep on going! can't wait to see what comes out of your unique brain next!

jriggity said...

Congratulations and Keep it up!

Cant wait to see your new camera in action.


Anonymous said...

Bang on! It's clear that you have a college degree in art, it positively glows in everything you make.

I'm curious about why you need a video capture card for the FZ50- doesn't it have a USB live feed?

Woolly Monster said...

Hi Don,
I'm only going off nellybobs thread about the FZ50 on SMA. He took a photo (and wrote a list) of everything you need to make it work for stop-mo, and a video capture card was on the list. I've not tried setting it all up yet though because the mains adaptor I bought was a dud so I'm waiting for a replacement....