Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phyllis Pamplemousse

I can now reveal my most recent woolly monster toy, as it is now safely with its new owner Helen Gibbons (aka Shine). Helen is a incredibly talented fibre-artist and was a fellow 'intellectual rebel' when we were at high school together ('intellectual rebel' sounds better than trying to explain the chaos that was TEKAYL... eh Helen!). I made her a monster in exchange for a fantastic pair of hand-knitted socks she made for me, which are currently keeping my feet toasty warm.

Her special monster requests were:

Colours you can see from space
Lots of legs/tentacles
Lots of eyes

The result is the very toothy, seven-legged monster, Phyllis Pamplemousse:

Phyllis is pretty big (I forgot to measure her before I put her in the post, but I'd guess she's about 14" diameter) and her main body is made of crimson acrylic doubleknit yarn crocheted together with bright scarlet mohair to make a thick fuzzy fabric. The rest of her is made of acrylic doubleknit in dark purple, light violet, a golden yellow colour and black. The eye buttons are just a selection of buttons I already had in my button boxes, but finding the perfect buttons for teeth was a bigger challenge!

I knew I needed some big toothy looking toggles for optimum fierceness and set about trying to find some of those shark-tooth shaped toggles that you used to find on duffle coats, only to find that they must be the most out of fashion buttons in the world. After trips to Bury, Chorley and Bolton markets, numerous habedashery shops and lots of internet button suppliers, I could only find some ugly dark grey ones - not toothy at all. In the end, ebay came to my rescue and I found some flat bottomed white toggles that were even more perfect for Phyllis than the shark-tooth ones I had originally imagined!

Here is Phyllis' story:


Shelley Noble said...

Sensational Monster! Monsterously sensational! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Ceri.

Sorry for killing the blog, it was just sort of the end of an era for me.

Seriously, I never dreamed I would be working above 720x480 resolution with an unlimited depth of field, the limitations of which were discouraging.

The ability to rack focus, shoot progressive, and capture images that rival 35mm film is intoxicating, and it's the shot in the arm this project needed.

Pram Maven Films may be dead, but Don Carlson Productions is BACK!

Jed Bramwell (actor-bear/blog host) said...

Cool monsters! I love wooly things, mostly sweaters, but monsters too!
Looking forward to reading more of your site!
Jed Bramwell

jriggity said...

That is an awesome creation right there!

I love it!


people in gorillasuits said...

The whole approach is nice, but I like "Colours you can see from space" the most. Another great woolly monster ! And as always so adorable.

Anonymous said...

that puppet is incredible...I really like it... well done Ceri...