Friday, December 19, 2008


I do not operate well in winter, hence my general lack of activity here recently. I should be working on 'Monday to Friday' but due to the season sapping every ounce of my motivation and energy... I'm not. I have mainly been crocheting woolly hats for baby Mya (my fiance Daz's niece) for the fast approaching Christmas-type celebrations, and sleeping.

I am longing for spring and the usual period of manic excitement and hyperactivity it usually brings me, then I'll probably finish 'Monday to Friday' at lightening speed. In fact it was during my spring euphoria last year that I spontaneously decided that I was going to make stop-motion animations (despite knowing nothing about the process) which remarkably seems to have been one of my more successful ideas (much more successful than the farming invisible llamas and building multi-coloured yurts 'inspired idea' of 2006 anyway). Funny how things work out...

Anyway, my applications for funding were turned down, not that I'm surprised. I put in the applications mainly for the experience of putting together a film proposal, knowing that I'd be up against lots of much more experienced animators.

Oh, and the big commission I mentioned in the previous post fell through, but the maketing agency have said they will consider me for future jobs. Still, it is very encouraging to know that a genuine London marketing agency (with clients like MTV) has even seen my work, let alone liked it enough to contact me!

So, er, yeah... rest of winter will be spent working v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y on 'Monday to Friday'.
When that is finished, I have plans to make 'Loose Yarn', the film I applied for the funding for. I will have to make it on a much smaller budget than I would have done with the funding, but it will still be the most ambitious (and expensive!) thing I have ever attempted.

Oh well, roll on spring...


jriggity said...

Keep your head up and your feet warm dood!

Your doing Art!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!


emmyymme said...

I'm glad you're still going to make the piece - it sounded too good to fall through the cracks!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ sounds like it's time I asked for your adress so I could send you a box.
(^ I love low budget parameters and you still hit me as someone who doing this sort of thing is more about doing it than making a buck.

wyrdmorph folound = flounder foxhound fogbound founded

Peopleingorillasuits said...

2008: Completing 4 schort films(school, teleporter, guesthouse, smile,... did I forget anything) short films, winning a price in the first yearr of animating, creating in a very unique way, designing sets that are far ahead of a lot of stuff you come across, where everything falls into place, where everthing is so completing a full picture... the beginning of a fifth (!) short (and the first estpieces looked awsome) this all became plainly spooky for me.

The lack of light drains everyone.

Begin turned down by a commission is: Doug TeNaple, who created the computer games "The Neverhood", "Skullmonkeys" and "Earthworm Jim" once said in an interview I don't think that I would hire myself.

So all the best and until then...


P.S.: Yesterday a yarn fell into my hand again...

Woolly Monster said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone, it really means a lot.

Brian - Me, in this for the money? Haha!
I do this because making stuff is the only thing that keeps me relatively sane.
A box? Sounds intriguing - thankyou! I'll email you my address.

Michael - thanks for reminding me how much I've managed to do in the last year. If anyone had told me two years ago that I could achieve all that I would never have believed them!
Lets just say that in the last two years my life has come a hell of a long way.